Top 7 Best Wooden High Chairs Reviews Of 2023

Most parents and guardians use the best wooden high chairs to keep their little ones safe while eating. Some are well-made to allow simple height and width adjustments ideal for growing kids. Not only for user convenience, but also this functionality is much more economical than the rest. In addition, this seat is practical when it comes to dining at the dining table. Check out the following review with the best wooden high chairs in 2023.

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List of 7 Best Wooden High Chairs Review in 2023:

#7 Fornel Heartwood High Chair

#7 Fornel Heartwood High Chair

By: Fornel Wooden High Chairs

Fornel is a specialized high chair that accommodates 200 pounds of weight comfortably. It’s made from natural birch wood for appeal and longevity. What’s more, this material cleans up quicker than the rest with a moist towel. Simply remove any dirt, stain, or mess in seconds to make the surface germ-free and safe. Plus, the plant-based lacquer coating prevents rusting and dulling effects. This gadget is structured for kids aged 2 to 15 for maximum safety.

The structure of this seating tool is perfect for most children’s sitting needs. It supports youngsters who ate painting, eating or doing creative activities at the table. Also, assembly takes a short time thanks to the user-friendly design. Now, the young one can sit comfortably as the stable legs prevent toppling over. In addition, we like the footrest and table seat profiles. They are adjustable to accommodate the needs of a growing kid while providing amazing vertical support. And this guarantees the correct seating posture to prevent back pains.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a safe design that holds 200-pound load securely
  • The natural birch wood is durable and appealing
  • Keeps little ones comfortable and safe while painting, eating, etc

#6 Winco CHH-103 Wooden High Chair

#6 Winco CHH-103 Wooden High Chair

By: Winco Wooden High Chairs

Winco is one of the best wooden high chairs with a spacious seating area. Its overall dimension is 20 inches long by 20 inches wide by 20 inches tall. This profile is perfect for little ones to relax, eat, and play comfortably in the dining room. Also, the use of wood makes it more appealing than other materials. Apart from durability, cleaning the surface is a breeze with a moist towel.

What’s more, this lounger doesn’t use too much floor space as the rest. It comes in handy for people living in small apartments and little ones. Moreover, a non-assembled structure and mahogany finish fits most room decor.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a comfortable and spacious seating area
  • Easy to clean the wooden surface
  • Made from durable material for durability

#5 Keekaroo Right High Chair – Wooden High Chair

#5 Keekaroo Right High Chair

By: Keekaroo Wooden High Chair

Pick a color that looks great in the placement center thanks to the variety of shades. With a natural, mahogany, and espresso finish, this unit complements most styles. Also, it’s made from heavy-duty wood for longlasting service and easy maintenance. Consisting of adjustable footplate, seat and depth, this unit guarantees to last long. Plus, converting from a toddler to a baby chair makes it much more valuable and economical. And it can support body weights up to 250 pounds while the stylish seating profile fits perfectly at the dining center.

The solid base of this lounger is excellently built to resist tipping. It is stable to leave your baby safe at all times as they eat or play. What’s more, an ergonomic seat and back support a comfortable use. This unit has a 1.5-degree sitting angle to let the youngster pull it closer to the dining table.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a natural appearance for simple style coordination
  • Made from longlasting mahogany
  • The ergonomic seat is comfortable and supportive

#4 Foho Baby High Chair – Wooden High Chairs

#4 Foho Baby High Chair

By: Foho Wooden High Chair

The best wooden high chairs are sturdy, just like FOHO. It is designed using polypropylene material for food-grade safety. What’s more, it’s much sturdier and economical than conventional chairs for excellent durability. And this composition has great resistance to fatigue and abrasions. The legs are created from heavy-duty beech tree wood for improved shock-absorbing service. Plus, the feet can bear high impacts and weight without malfunctioning.

Additionally, cleanup is a breeze thanks to the removable tray and several access points. You can use a damp towel to wipe out dirt and food debris from the affected parts. Just unlatch the food catcher to minimize messes when carrying to the sink. Moreover, the cushions are stain-resistant and comfortable to the little one. Boasting a 3-in-1 framework, this equipment is perfect as a grounded booster seat, toddler eating chair or a stool.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The polypropylene material is durable and food-grade
  • Comes with heavy-duty feet for stability and safety
  • Suitable as a grounded booster seat, stool, toddler chair

#3 Be Mindful Baby High Chair – Wooden High Chairs

#3 Be Mindful Baby High Chair

By: Be Mindful Wooden High Chairs

This white high chair is modern and sturdy than other designs. Its bright color compliments and beautifies open kitchens and dining areas. What’s more, it brings out a mid-century feel to your space without degrading the safety elements. Featuring a convertible mechanism, you can transform this tool into a 15-inch toddler craft seat. And this results in added value, especially for growing kids. Besides, your youngster can use the tray when learning how to feed themselves.

Be Mindful seat comes with a seat bucket free of crevices, corners and cracks. In turn, cleanup is much more comfortable as you clear out dirt, stains and other undesirables. Furthermore, washing with a moist kitchen cloth leaves the 100% BPA-free structure appealing. Note that the construction of this gadget is favorable to babies from 5 months up to 10 years.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The white color brings out a mid-century feel
  • Comes with an easy-to-slide food tray
  • Crafted for babies aged between 5 months and 10 years

#2 OXO Tot Sprout High Chair – Wooden High Chair

#2 OXO Tot Sprout High Chair

By: OXO Wooden High Chairs

OXO sprout seat is among the best wooden high chairs with an appealing design. Priding a blend of walnut and gray, you can fix it in different rooms in the house. Also, this finish is easy to maintain and clean using the recommended cleanup detergents. And choosing one of the 3 levels of seat height is super comfortable thanks to the tool-free assembly. Plus, adjusting the depth takes minimal time to suit your growing child’s profile. Note that this unit’s 5-point harness adds security and stability in every use.

In addition, your little one can sit in this chair comfortably because of the child-friendly ergonomics to support the weight without malfunctioning. Moreover, the design is scaled to suit most dining table heights. With a sturdy tray, it can contain more than 7 ounces of liquid while the slender storage style uses little table space. Additional features include straps for more safety and a crotch-post.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has an appealing design with elements of walnut and gray
  • The depth and seat height are simple to adjust
  • Suitable for little ones

#1 Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chairs

#1 Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

By: Abiie Wooden High Chair

This high seat transforms into the preferred height position for flexible operation. It’s ideal as a traditional dining or toddler chair to meet different seating needs. Besides, changing it from a high to an infant lounger requires only 20 seconds. With an affordable price, this unit is economical to provide additional seating area to the home. Also, no tools are required when adjusting to an accurate angle. Ensure you change the restraint system to achieve a 3-point or 5-point harness for added security to your loved one. Plus, it offers incredible comfort and reaction while relaxing, eating and much more.

We love the multiple access points of this item for easy cleanup. It comes with a cozy cushion with stain-resistant design to prevent unsightly marks. What’s more, the padding is waterproof for preventing spill damages to improve durability. Simply remove the tray when using a dishwasher for best results. Plus, the construction bears 250 pounds of weight, making it perfect for over 6-month-year-olds.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Can be used as a traditional dining or toddler chair
  • The soft cushioning is easy to clean
  • Carries under 250 pounds safely.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Wooden High Chairs

Give your child a safe eating or playing center with a high chair. It's specially crafted with solid material for durability and low maintenance. What follows are the most common features found in the best wooden high chairs.


Can you adjust the height level of the high seat? Most models allow the user to change the height and seat width to suit the young one's profile. Also, it's economical when used for long term as your toddler develops.

Comfort and Safety

The next feature to look out for is the overall comfort levels. Check is the seat has sturdy legs and premium material which can hold a considerable load. Plus, the wooden element won't rust, chip or break as quickly as the competitors.

Cleanup and Maintenance

Lastly, maintaining a high wooden chair is quite simple, thanks to the eco-friendly structure. What you need when clearing out food stains, debris, spills and dirt, is a simple moist towel. Also, it helps leave the surface brighter and neater while extending its lifespan. That means natural decor coordination in most dining centers and tables.


The best wooden high chairs provide maximum safety to toddlers and growing kids. They are easy to use and keep them secured for long. Also, your little one can learn how to eat on their own and perform other activities in this seat. Some are well-made to let youngsters paint and interact comfortably at a high position. And the best wooden high chairs with a harness and solid legs, they create more safety levels.

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