Top 10 Best Knife Rolls Reviews 2023

Do you know you can use the best knife roll to keep your carving tools safe? It is a reliable bag with multiple slots to hold each piece separately. Also, most culinary students, budding or professional chefs use this pouch when organizing the slicers. We have the best knife rolls in 2023 as follows.

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List of 10 Best Knife Rolls Review in 2023:

#10 QEES Pro Chef’s Knife Rolls

#10 QEES Pro Chef's Knife Roll


This is a small case with high-quality design. Designed from waterproof and puncture-proof waxed canvas, it does not scratch or damage easily. Also, the material is flexible, robust, and bears daily use. With four slots, you can keep carving, ceramic, paring, or scissors safely.

Measuring 18 inches long x 11 inches wide, this bag is lightweight. Carry your favorite chef’s knife, boning knife, meat cleaver, sushi knife, Japanese knives, or thermometer. What’s more, the classic color looks excellent when transporting your tools.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The material is waterproof and puncture-proof
  • Comes in secure four slots
  • Carries different styles of knives

#9 Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag

#9 Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag


This knife roll allows a quick and easy storage system. It holds up to 10 kitchen slicers at the same time measuring up to 18 inches long. Not only that but also you can add other accessories including a knife sharpener, scissors, paring tools, and much more. This pouch forms a tight bundle when buckled, ideal for travels, barbecue events, and restaurants. In addition, it is handcrafted from buff calf leather with top quality strength.

What’s more, you will get ultimate security thanks to the stretchable pockets. They have enough elasticity to keep them secure and damage-free. Besides, it prevents the tools from getting moisture, dents, or scratches. When opened, it measures 29.5 inches long x 19.7 inches wide. Plus, the elegant handle and detachable shoulder strap give you secure carrying.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It offers you a quick and secure knife storage system
  • Can accommodate up to 10 kitchen knives
  • Comes with a handle and shoulder strap for secure transport

#8 Chef’s Knife Bag, Knife Rolls

#8 Chef's Knife Bag

By: Hersent

This is another best knife roll for professional chefs to use in multiple kitchen tasks. It is perfect when barbecuing, cooking, hunting, hiking, camping, and other activities. Besides, the 17 slots come in handy to hold 13 knives, 3 utensil pockets, and 1 meat cleaver. This bag has a 600D canvas construction ideal for travels and home use.

Thanks to the shoulder strap and portable handle, mobility is a breeze. When you want to give your shoulders a break, just hold the secure handheld grip. Moreover, the quick-release buckles and reinforced brass zippers enhance safety. They keep the accessories in an excellent position to prevent edge damages. For the unrolled measurements, this case measures 26 inches long by 19 inches wide.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Supports a variety of kitchen tasks such as barbecuing
  • Holds up to 17 tools and knives like a meat cleaver
  • The shoulder strap and portable handle, easy mobility

#7 Chef Knife Bag- 21 Slots Knife Rolls

#7 Chef Knife Bag- 21 Slots

By: Noble Home & Chef

What makes the Chef Knife bag among the best knife rolls is its many slots. It has 21 pockets to hold 21 carving tools ideal for professional chefs. Not only that but also the leather and ballistic nylon are incredibly durable. Featuring an interlocking zipper, it works with the 3-digit padlock. Note that you can customize the passcode for enhanced safety when not near your slicers.

Furthermore, you can carry your slicers when traveling on public buses or trains without anyone knowing the contents. This unit holds multiple accessories at once that measure upto 18 inches, such as paring knives. With a covered compartment, it is ideal for four tasting spoons and knife sharpening steel. And the zippered pocket allows extra storage space.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It holds up to 21 knives at the same time
  • The leather and ballistic nylon are extremely durable
  • Allows a customizable 3-digit locking of the padlock

#6 Large Pocket Knife Storage Case, Knife Rolls

#6 Large Pocket Knife Storage Case

By: United Cutlery

United Cutlery has a variety of kitchen tools, including this easy-to-use case. Costing around 20 dollars, most users can afford it when storing their carving tools. Also, you can buy for your camping or outdoor fan at home for them to have simplified access. This bag is structured from premium material that offers reliable and long-lasting performance. It won’t puncture, stain, or crack like the rest, hence cost-effective.

We love the multiple slots of this accessory that hold 40 pocket knives. This makes it ideal for camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking and other outside trips. What’s more, its black imitation leather surface complements the red felt lining. The two colors bring out a classic and timeless feel to the placement location. In addition, this pouch interior elastic straps and outer zipper closure hold the tools secure when on the go. This product measures 14 inches long x 10.5 inches wide x 1 3/8 inches long for easy carry with the swing handle.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It is easy to use and secure your tools
  • The slots hold up to 40 pocket knives
  • Comes with a sturdy swing handle

#5 Flexcut Knife Rolls

#5 Flexcut Knife Roll


We understand keeping knives in a drawer can cause damages, mainly if not used frequently. To keep them in good shape you can buy the Flexcut knife roll. Not only for speedy access but also to enhance organization in your kitchen. It is made in the USA to hold four knives at the same time. The four slots are secure with the ideal size to prevent slipping and falls. What’s more, it protects the tools from damage during transportation.

Moreover, this best knife roll comes in handy to organize your carving tools. Featuring a corded string, you can tie it around for secure storage. Also, it weighs approximately 3.4 ounces for user-friendly carry and stowaway. This bag also aids in protecting the edges of your cutters when not in use. Surprise a home chef on Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, and other occasions.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It helps keep your knives and edges in good state
  • Easy to secure up to four carving tools
  • A lovely and useful gift for home chefs

#4Sack-Ups The Knife Protector Knife Rolls

#4Sack-Ups The Knife Protector

By: Sack-Ups

After preparing your meals, you need a secure and inexpensive place to hold your knives. This knife protector by Sack-Ups is made from silicone-treated material that guarantees maximum protection. What’s more, the fabric can withstand both indoor and outdoor climates without cracking, peeling, or staining. Keep all your favorite carving tools up to 9 for secure storage. If you know a budding or professional chef, this is the best present. Surprise them on their birthday, graduation, barbecue party, and other occasions.

This item has multiple pouches each measuring 2 inches long x 4.5 inches wide. It is enough to keep different-sized slicers when at home or on the go. Besides, you can show it off when guests and loved one come for a get-together. Its subtle finish fits perfectly in any room spacing when not on display.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Provides an affordable and secure storage slot
  • The robust material withstands outdoor and indoor conditions
  • Accommodates 9 knives for extra protection

#3 Sack-Ups AC 801 12-Pc Knife Rolls Protector

#3 Sack-Ups AC 801 12-Pc Knife Roll Protector

By: Sack-Ups

Crafted from premium materials, this knife roll is durable and reliable. Boasting silicone-treated cotton, it keeps your slicers in good condition. Also, the grey finish coordinates easily with other kitchen decors. This bag can hold 12 knives at once for space-saving and organized storage. You can even carry them when going for a barbecue festival if you are the chef. Besides, it accommodates slicers that measure under 5 inches for secure carry.

Additionally, if you dislike looking for slicers every time you prepare meals, this is a convenient pouch. It keeps them all together neatly as you choose the ones that suit your food application. Not only that but also the cloth surface keeps them clean after every use and cleanup. This product is manufactured in the USA for durability and performance. To avoid snagging and damage to the material, you can store with the clip facing the bottom of the opening.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Made from longlasting silicone-treated cotton
  • Holds up to 12 knives at once
  • Keeps your slicers neat and organized

#2 Chef’s Knife Roll Bag

#2 Chef's Knife Roll Bag

By: Noble Home & Chef

This best knife roll is secure and safe for most users. Featuring two cover flaps, they are constructed from premium canvas for extra protection. It keeps your slicers damage-free together with the metal zippers. Also, you can secure the carving tools tightly, thanks to the adjustable straps. This pouch holds an assortment of knives and tools up to 15. The 10 pockets are for blades measuring less than 18 inches and the larger one for scissors, meat cleaver, and much more. Besides, you can throw in your tasting utensils or spoons in the secure four slots.

We love the simple structure of this bag with a shoulder strap. You can remove it when using the handle to free your shoulders from fatigue. Not only that but also the 600D polyester canvas can bear years of use. It will not cut or puncture easily, thanks to the robust weaving mechanism. This accessory lets you track it quickly because of the slot for writing your name.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Its two cover flaps offer extra knife protection
  • The pockets hold up to 14 tools and knives
  • Made from puncture-resistant polyester

#1 Messermeister 5-Pocket Nylon Padded Heavy Duty Knife Roll

#1 Messermeister 5-Pocket Nylon Padded Heavy Duty Knife Roll

By: Messermeister

This knife roll has 5 pockets to hold up to five pieces of knives. It has a heavy-duty design made from 600D nylon for extended use. Also, this fabric gives you simple maintenance to keep your tools in good shape. With metal YKK zippers, they come in handy to seal this pouch when carrying culinary essentials. What’s more, the outer surface has excellent lamination ideal for all weather conditions. You can use it for a fun barbecue event thanks to the water-repellent design.

In addition, this bag measures 19 inches long x 5 inches wide x 1 inch in diameter when closed. It comes with five elasticized slots for quick access and storage of the items. Plus, the padding ensures no damage to the knives to hold up to 18 inches. Now, those that work in professional hotels or homes can organize the slicers easily. In addition, the overall design has a black tone for simple aesthetics.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has 5 cushioned pockets
  • Made from water repellent 600D nylon
  • For professional and home chefs.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Knife Roll

If you are an aspiring or professional chef, a knife bag is a must-have in your kitchen. It helps you keep the slicers organized and free of damage. Apart from these benefits, you have to consider the following features for safe operation.

Number of Slots

How many pockets does the best knife roll have? Some have more than 20, while others have less than 4. It all depends on what you are looking for and the number of slicers you plan to store. Moreover, for professional chefs, they tend to have different-sized and different-styled carving tools. That means using a bag with more compartments is ideal.

Security and Design

Also, check the construction of the knife bag. Some are advanced than the rest and allow you to set a pic code when locking it. This enhanced the safety of your tools when not in use or in travel stations. Others have simpler structures with just a sturdy zipper and straps.


Keeping all your carving tools in the best knife roll keeps them in good condition. At the same time, you can access the desired design with ease when preparing meals. Besides, those in the culinary industry and professional chefs can carry them when going for outdoor events. The best knife roll is a must-have for both budding and master chefs.

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