Top 10 Best Changing Tents Reviews in 2023

How difficult is it to find a place to change your clothes in the middle of the forest? This is a common problem for all of us who like to go on camping trips or to the remote beach. However, now you do not have to be frustrated anymore because we have a product, changing tent, to show you. Today we would like to introduce you to the top 10 best changing tents that offer you the privacy that you need anywhere and anytime.

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List of 10 Best Changing Tents Review in 2023:

#10.WolfWise Portable Pop Up Changing Tent

#10.WolfWise Portable Pop Up Changing Tent

The first item on the list belongs to this portable pop up privacy shower tent from WolfWise. The tent gives you great privacy as it has the intimate zipper that allows you to zip or unzip from the inside of the tent. This special zipper makes it very secure for you as you know that the people outside of the tent cannot open your tent. Moreover, it also has a nice design as well. It is made in a beautiful baby pink color that is so unique and beautiful. It also has a large space that allows you to move around easily. You also get a large storage space that makes it possible for you to store your clothes, soap, beauty products, towels, and more personal items as well.

This particular tent has drainage and ventilation that makes it even more convenient for users. It has the built-in floor mat and mesh that prevent dirt from getting inside and makes it easier for the water to flow. There are vents on 3 sides that can help keep privacy and give ventilation at the same time. This tent is perfect to use for changing outfits, bathing, getting ready, doing makeup and hair, and also toilets as well.

#9. Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Tent Outdoor

#9. Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Tent Outdoor

Next, we would like to show you this amazing tent which is known as the Alvantor Shower Tent Changing Room Outdoor Toilet Privacy tent. The tent has a large space that allows you to store your necessities, and it is a perfect choice for you to use it as the shower tent or toilet tent or even changing room tent. This tent is of high quality as well.

Changing Tent is made out of 300D poly-oxford Teflon, which is the kind of fabric that is great for outside use. This particular fabric is waterproof, dustproof, durable, tearproof, and oil proof as well. It has a vinyl coating, which makes it even more durable and also has UPF 50+ protection. The tent has inside pockets for you to put your personal belongings such as phones, ipads, and more. It has a rope that you can hang your clothes or towels as well.

The tent has a pop-up feature that does not require any assembly. It can pop up on its own and it also has the folding patent that makes everything very convenient for you. Changing Tent is super lightweight, which makes it very portable. It comes with the 4 sandbags and 8 stakes that are important for stability and security in case the weather is windy.

#8.Stansport Cabana Privacy Changing Tent

#8.Stansport Cabana Privacy Changing Tent

We have another product from a company called Stansport that you should take into consideration. It is the privacy shelter that is perfect to use as the changing tent or shower tent. It has the measurement of 48″x48″x84″. This tent has very big screened windows and vents that make it possible for you to get a lot of ventilation.

Moreover, the product also has the D style large zippers that make it easy for you to get in and out. Not only the style is nice and functional, but the quality is also very durable as well. This Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter is made out of 190 D nylon as well as patented G-3 fiberglass poles that make the tent very strong and durable, which will last you for a long time. It also has storage and stuff bags that you can use to store your items as well.

#7. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Changing Tent

#7. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Changing Tent

Another item that you should not miss out is this Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter Outdoor. This particular tent is perfect for your camping trip or family trip. It has 2 rooms that make it easy for a big group of people. The two rooms can be connected if we remove the middle sheet from the tent. Having 2 rooms like this is very helpful. One room can be used as a toilet tent, and another room can be a shower tent. Hence, two people can use the tent at the same time, which is a perfect thing to have.

Moreover, the tent is easy to assemble. You can do it with another person by simply following the instructions. It has the protective material at the base that keeps you from the dirt. Changing Tent also has pockets for your soap or whatever you need in the rooms. It has heavy-duty zippers that make it easy to use as well.

#6.Texsport Hilo Hut II Portable Outdoor Changing Tent

#6.Texsport Hilo Hut II Portable Outdoor Changing Tent

This Texsport Hilo Hut II Portable Outdoor Changing Room Privacy Shelter is not going to let you down. The product is very well made. Its material is polyurethane coated Taffeta, which is very durable and can handle the weather conditions without problems. It has the measurement of 4′ X 4′ X 76″, which is very portable and perfect for your trips including hiking, picnic, and especially camping. The product can be used as the changing room. It is the perfect size for you to have enough room to move around. It gives you the privacy that you need when you are in the forest with people.

This tent comes with stakes and a storage bag that you can keep your personal belongings or the items that you need. Moreover, it is very well designed as well. The product has a pin and ring frame style, it also has fiberglass poles as well. The zipper of the tent is made in the D style door, which allows you to get in and out easily. Furthermore, it also has a mesh pocket that you can use as extra storage as well.

#5.Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy Tent

#5.Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy Tent

The top 5 on the list belongs to this Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent. This tent is a perfect solution for those of you who are going on a trip or camping. It can be used as a changing tent, a toilet tent, a shower tent as well. This tent is large enough for you to move around comfortably while standing up. It is easy to set up. There is a video instruction that you can follow. It does not take more than a couple of minutes to set it up. The particular tent has the dual zippers that are in D style, which makes it convenient for access. The dual zippers are strong and more heavy-duty.

While the D style makes it very easy for you to get in and out of the tent. It has a rope across the tent that you can hang your clothes on. Changing Tent has the pockets that you can keep soaps, or whatever you need in the tent. It also has a towel strap and a place for your shower bag as well. It also has the mesh windows that allow the air to flow.

#4. WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Privacy Tent – Changing Tent

#4. WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Privacy Tent

Next, we have this tent to show you. It is from a company named Wolfwise. The product is easy to use. It has a cool feature that makes the tent pop up on its own in a matter of seconds. This is great because assembling a tent sometimes can be time consuming and frustrating as well. The tent is lightweight, which is ideal for traveling. You can carry it around easily. Moreover, the tent has the large zippered T style that makes it convenient for getting in and out of the tent. The tent also has the UV protection and water repellent because it makes out of the waterproof polyester material. It also has the silver coating as well, which can help keep the inside of the tent dry and protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays for up to 98%.

This tent is perfect for clothes changing, showering, restroom and more. It gives you the privacy that you are looking for. In addition to this, the tent is very durable. It has frames that make out of steel, which is built to last and strong. This tent will last you for a long time. For security purposes, the tent has 4 mounting stakes that are there to keep the tent on the ground securely.

#3. Pop Up Privacy Tent By Abco Tech

#3. Pop Up Privacy Tent By Abco Tech

The top 3 on the list belong to this tent from a company called Abco Tech. The tent is very innovative. It pops up on its own without having to assemble. Moreover, it is also easy to fold whenever you are done using it. It is also super lightweight, which makes this tent a perfect choice to bring along with you to the trip.

This tent comes with a canopy, a carrying bag, 4 metal mounting stakes, and also a built-in bag that you can keep your personal belongings in. this product comes with a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee , so you will be well taken care of if you are not happy with the product. This tent can be used as a shower tent, a toilet tent, but also a changing tent as well. It is functional, portable, and trustable as well.

#2. WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent – Best Changing Tent

#2. WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

If you are looking for a tent that is water repellent and has UPF 50+, then this tent might be what you need. This is the popup privacy shower tent from Wolfwise. The tent is water repellent and also can block harmful sun lights up to 98%, which is amazing. It prevents you from having sunburns. It has polyester and taped seams that can keep the inside of the shelter dry. The tent has a dimension of 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.8″ H. it is quite large and it allows you to have enough space to move around inside the tent even when you are standing up. Moreover, the tent is foldable to be super compact, which is ideal for travel.

The tent has 2 zipper windows that give you nice ventilation. It has a removable matt that goes in the bottom of the tent. Not only you can use this tent for your road trip or camping, but it is also a perfect playroom for your little kids. Now they can play outside the house but still protect from the harmful sunlight.

#1. GigaTent Pop Up Privacy Tent – Changing Tents

#1. GigaTent Pop Up Privacy Tent

the number 1 on the list is a product from Giga. The tent is super portable and functional as well. Changing Tent has the pop-up features that make it easier for you because you do not have to assemble the tent anymore. It is perfect for your trips as your outdoor shower and toilet. It is a very heavy duty as well. The tent makes out of the polyester taffeta 190 T water-resistant coating, which is a great material for outdoor uses. It will last you for a long time and it is safe to use.

Buying Guides Of Changing Tent:

There are a few things you should pay attention to before you buy a tent.

The weight:

we would suggest you go for a lightweight tent because it is more convenient and more practical for road trips or camping in general.

The materials:

we suggest you buy the product that is high quality and made out of waterproof and USF protection material because it is critical to be protected from the rain and also harmful sunlight while you are out in the forest.


We hope that this article is informative and helpful and also hope that you already know which product you would go for by now. We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with the product.

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