Which putter grip is best?

The best putter grip is easy to fit. It takes minimal time, and also effort. Once installed it remains firm and is highly unlikely that it will come off. Besides, it features a nice length and width to suit different kinds of hands. In addition, the unit comes with a nice nonslip texture to provide a firm hold and reduce the possibility of the hands slipping or sliding especially when they are wet or sweaty.

To chicer, comprise of safe materials that don’t have toxic compounds. Also, they have a nice feel and won’t flake or become thin overtime. A worthy putter grip is versatile and works well with various types of clubs.

They’ll also enjoy excellent comments and reviews and feature in top reviews quite often. Names that come to mind include Lamkin, SuperStroke, Golf Pride, and Winn X Pro

How do you grip a putter?

Putting a grip on a putter may seem easy. Well, it is. However, without using the right technique, you won’t get the best performance. It may feel awkward, loose, or even too tight. Also, you don’t want a piece that affects your hold/ or grip as this is detrimental to not only your performance but also comfort.

Step 1: Find a suitable standing position that makes you feel most comfortable. The entire body including the hands should be as relaxed as can be.

Step 2: Depending on the grip technique (Claw, Crosshand, Reverse- Overlap…) place one hand on the handle of the putter. This can be either the right or left hand. Try to point the thumb downwards parallel to the shaft, and minimize contact with the index finger.

Step 3: take the other hand and firmly hold the putter with the palm, which is the middle of the fleshy section of the hand. The thumb just as the other should be facing down and parallel to the shaft.

Step 4: Firmly wrap both hands on the shaft and ensure no finger is getting into the way of the other. Also, maintain a firm grip without applying too much pressure.

NB: Claw, Reverse-Overlap, and Crosshand are some popular techniques for holding the putter. Each comes with its unique pros and cons. also; the suitability will vary with the situation, individual preference, and also expected results.

Do fat putter grips work?

Fat putter grips do work well in different situations. This enables you to put out better performance. It offers a wider surface area that provides a better contact area with the hands. Thereby, you have easier and better control. A fat option minimizes the pressure you apply and this especially applies to the wrist. You’ll be able to make more shots since you will place less strain on the wrist. Cases of twitchy wrists or inconsistent roll are less likely to occur when using a fat putter grip. This not only boosts your putting but also gives you more maneuverability.

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